FNAF Security Breach theory

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2022.01.27 00:17 Glitterfairy4141 FNAF Security Breach theory

So I already commented this theory in the comments of one of the play throughs of Gt live not live playing security breach but I don't have access to the comments because of restricted mode so I can't just copy and paste the theory from my comment on to this so I'll recreate it as best as I can
So I think..... Now I know this may stretch things abit but its still worth a shot. My theory is that in the fire escape ending in Security Breach we see Freddy tackle Vanny off the roof and Gregory rushes down and unmasks Vanny as Vanessa but in the end credits that last picture before we go back to the play menu of the game we see Vanessa standing on the roof as its burning right? So what if that second Vanessa is a animatronic version of the real Vanessa that she made as a stand in for the real Vanessa so that when Vanessa is Vanny Vanessa isn't sussed for being the killer. Because of that animatic version of her is working as a security guard the coworkers can stand as alibis for the real Vanessa. And we have evidence of there being animatic standins for other people in the book series in both the sliver eyes trilogy and the Fazbare frights series. So with that and because Vanny wants to be like William with that her kills are the same target of people (children) and her costume when she kills the children is similar to William's so maybe she also took his love for building animatronics and copied that as well. So maybe this could explain (this is where things get stretched) why Freddy doesn't see Vanny at first and why he said to trust Vanessa it's because Vanessa with her love of building animatronics and hacking things she maybe built or helped build Freddy and some of the other animatronics. With that being said he doesn't see a killer or a monster he sees his creator or one of his creators right? So he needed Roxy's eyes because Vanessa didn't build or help build Roxy so Vanessa wasn't able to hack Roxy like she did Freddy. And this also could help explain why William's body looks so incomplete in the ending where he tries to take over Freddy. William recognized that Vanessa wanted to make animatronics like he did so he asked her to put together a body for glitch trap until he took over Freddy. And we see in the tapes that at some point in the Pizza Plex some of the other bots are glitching out hacked something so is this possible? Yes. Is this Theory spot on? No probably not. However this theory was still worth a shot a long shot in the dark but I still had to throw it out there regardless
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2022.01.27 00:17 CRIMSONQUO How does one organize their EDC? I have too much stuff and not enough front pockets.

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2022.01.27 00:17 Hellochef Qualifying vs Total payments

I got my certification letter back and it says I have 116 total payments and 111 total payments? Why the difference? Will the total payments count now with the change in October 2021?
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2022.01.27 00:17 cwdl Norway shocked as its most wanted terrorist Anas Haqqani lands in Oslo, part of Taliban delegation

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2022.01.27 00:17 Rexailos Ok, Lucifer, I got it. But why didn’t you do it yourself, man?!

I’m still thinking about it, how he literally killed god for the purpose of eradicating the Mandala System which repeats in every new world. But it’s your ideal, you had the power to do it from the start, so why the hell did you wait for the protagonist to kick your ass just for him to do it???
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How are the kids in high school and younger and even university right now supposed to afford housing in Ontario?
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2022.01.27 00:17 That_Guy2847 All myths and legends are probably from people who were born before glasses or schizophrenia medications.

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Go go
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