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Salt River, AZ. Leica MP-240 + Zeiss Sonnar 50mm 1.5

User-agent: BLEXBot Disallow: / User-agent: DataForSeoBot Disallow: / User-agent: AhrefsBot Disallow: / User-agent: PetalBot Disallow: / User-agent: MJ12bot Disallow ...

2022.01.26 22:54 c_note760 Salt River, AZ. Leica MP-240 + Zeiss Sonnar 50mm 1.5

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2022.01.26 22:54 MattLeftSock Missing time

The time is missing from the top right of my screen during workouts. It used to be there but it’s been gone for a couple of weeks now.
Did I mess something up? Change some setting maybe?
It’s not a major deal but it was convenient.
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2022.01.26 22:54 HammerGames_Studio AAA game with UE4 - In the name of freedom: episode Vietnam

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2022.01.26 22:54 taydubbs Did someone say cheese?

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2022.01.26 22:54 BareKnuckleKitty [CA] [Indoor] What is this indoor plant clipping I have?

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2022.01.26 22:54 CJpIayz_games Why is it shameful for white people to say the n word? I personally don't see the problem with it (I'm African American)

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2022.01.26 22:54 DyCol6 I expected the fighter to just blow up when he pushed the button

Blow up might be a little extreme but I definitely expected the engine to get all wet and stop working at least. Without the vapor manifold it seems like the sweat would have easily gotten in the combustion system and turn the fuel into diet coke. A motivator cannot convert watery gas into electricity very well. And considering said motivator is being compressed it may not work at peak efficiency. I would have probably kept the vapor manifold and reduce speed for more reliability and better fuel efficiency. The sublight drive would still work in a pinch so I wouldn’t need to worry too much. And it isn’t like this one is a particularly durable model to begin with, so I wouldnt use it in combat anyways.
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2022.01.26 22:54 Jdmforall Carbon fiber steering wheel mod!

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2022.01.26 22:54 AussieBaldGuy LRC Burn .. when?

Sorry for the smooth question, LRC white paper v1 says there is going to be a burn v2 says their may be burns.
Does anyone know if there has ever been a burn? I know the protocol has the ability to start a % burn on transactions but is that live?
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2022.01.26 22:54 PicNicksFood Korean BBQ Chicken Tenders

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2022.01.26 22:54 WebLinkr Critical Insight: Forged in Healthcare Cybersecurity

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2022.01.26 22:54 charlenahowell Story about proving the existence of an afterlife

I’m looking for a story about a man trying to prove the afterlife’s existence. At the end he goes so far has to have his best friend come over, hands him a bunch of legal documents saying the friend wasn’t liable for what was about to happen and videos himself cutting his head off in his homemade guillotine
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2022.01.26 22:54 Honest_Wonder On The Tiktok Problem And Team Superpower

(I tried to post this once already but it was autoremoved. I think it was because of my potty mouth? IDK I cleaned up the language so we'll see)
So...hi. Long time autist, first time poster. I want to start off by saying that I tagged this as a rant/vent because it's been weighing on my mind for awhile and I needed to get it off my chest but I also want it to open a discussion. These are very large issues that our community needs to address sooner or later and I think I speak for everyone regardless of politics, identity, and so on when I say I don't want to make life harder for legitimately autistic and neurodivergent people. Please understand that I'm trying to be as respectful as possible to all parties involved and I ask to be extended the same courtesy.
With that out of the way, a little backstory about me. I was born with autism, ADHD, anosmia, and a rare condition called Ocular Motor Apraxia (OMA). I was diagnosed with ADHD towards the beginning of elementary school though I forget exactly when and I received a diagnosis for my autism at ten years old after a series of meltdowns and poor pre-adolescent behavior had my mother at her wit's end. I was diagnosed during my first session within like an hour of talking to my therapist. I recognize that I'm extremely fortunate: I have two parents that love me deeply and while they sometimes struggle to understand me they've always tried to help me, my mom worked at the hospital where I was diagnosed which gave her access we otherwise wouldn't have had, at the time of my diagnosis we had the disposable income to afford therapy, I am a white male in a first world western country, I was born in a time when "high functioning" autism (at the time called Asperger's Syndrome) was medically recognized. I am so lucky, so blessed, and I have so many reason to be thankful. It's not my intention to dump on the self-diagnosed as I understand the difficulty in getting an official diagnosis and hope that one day Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex will pay for their many crimes.
However... There is something that demands addressing. An elephant in the room. I'm sure that many of you have read articles about the emergence of what experts are calling "Psychological Munchhausen's Syndrome". Just as with garden variety Munchhausen's, people effected "pretend" to have a disorder or ailment they don't actually possess. Sometimes this can even lead to them developing symptoms of the disorder or ailment they claim to have. The social media app Tiktok has led to a rise in this disorder, especially among teenagers. The main disorders those effected by it claim to have are Dissociative Identity Disorder, Tourette's Syndrome, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is most likely because of the rise in popularity of mental health awareness content and pandemic lockdowns.
I personally find this issue to be of grave importance to our community because our community is one of the three most affected by it. As I said, I wholly sympathize with the self-diagnosed. I have several self-diagnosed disabilities and I would feel awful if someone insinuated I was somehow faking. Additionally, I feel as though autistic people in general are especially sensitive to such claims as even with official diagnoses we're constantly confronted by people who don't believe us for whatever reason. Again, none of us want to be that person for a fellow autist! However, given the information above we also must realize that not everyone who claims to be autistic is actually autistic.
Now, why do I believe this is a problem? The reason is two fold. Firstly, for the simple reason that these people are not autistic. If we're firm in our belief that ASD is a congenital neurological disorder that occurs in utero, then we must also hold that a person born neurotypical regardless of other mental disorders cannot be autistic. Autism is not something you develop, it's something you are. It's core to your nature as an autistic person. This is the philosophical foundation for identity-first language after all. Now how dangerous would it be if people without even basic knowledge of anatomy ran around claiming they were surgeons? The general public would no longer trust anyone who claimed to be a surgeon and with good reason. If you struggle to understand metaphor, allow me to put it plainly. People who falsely identify as autistic are detrimental to the autistic community and help create and perpetuate an world which is unsafe for legitimately autistic people. This is because they don't naturally exhibit autistic behavior. It's basically an act put on for sympathy or identity or any number of reasons. This has the potential to give any neurotypical person they might encounter a false impression of autism and thus spread misinformation. This can lead to a greater frequency of disbelief, less access to accommodations, and less availability of knowledge and resources during a crisis such as a public meltdown or worse. This especially harms those in our community with greater difficulty communicating their needs, i.e. the non-verbal and selectively mute.
Secondly, It's just kind of insulting. I understand that Munchhausen's is it's own mental disorder. These people are sick and they can't help the way they are. However, they don't know our struggles. There's that old adage "If you've met one autistic person, you've met one autistic person" and the communal in-joke is that's only half true. It's my belief that every autistic person no matter their age or country of origin has a set of shared experiences and trauma. I try not to pathologize my autism because I don't believe it makes me sick and I truly do think there is a gift within it, but I have a mental disorder. I can't communicate with my peers as effectively as they can with others. I've developed a habit of psychoanalysis to cope with the fact that I can't intuitively read people. I can't use lotion though I live in a desert. I can't vacuum my floor without sound dampening headphones. I have one pair of fuzzy socks that I wear inside out and that's as much as I can do. When I get a hole in this pair, I don't know what I'm going to do. I can't go to a night club with my best friend. I can't look people in the eye. I need to always be aware of where I left my weighted blanket, headphones, and comfort items. I'm probably going to get a repetitive strain injury from snapping my fingers so often. I sleep like a crackhead. I've been sent to sick rooms, vacant classrooms, and storage closets because my emotional and psychological needs were deemed to disruptive. My nickname in elementary school was "psycho". Bullies would wind me up just to watch me explode. They treated me like I was a toy for their amusement. There have been people who've treated me like an invalid my entire life. As a twenty-four year old man with a full beard standing at five feet and eight inches and >180 lbs., strangers still treat me like a child. My backs in knots and it's hard to go have it fixed because I only let three people touch me. Four but only because my grandmother insists. Do I want a cure? No. Do I want to be fixed? No. I want to learn to live with my ASD, not fight against it. However, would I choose to be autistic? No. No! A thousand times no! Who in their right mind would choose to go through any of this? And these people who've experienced none of this come and pretend to be like me? They claim our identity without sharing in our struggles? For...attention? For...sympathy? For Tiktok clout? This is...appropriation of disability. This is an offense upon the core of my being! I'm almost dumbfounded by it.
Which brings me to my second point, what is perhaps the genesis of this apparent "trend". Team Superpower. They are worse than autism mamas. There! I said it. Bring on the downvotes, my body is ready! These are the people who rail against the stereotype of the autistic savant but then loudly profess "Autism is my superpower!" I don't have to name names because you know exactly who I'm talking about. I have no issue with these people personally. They are autistic and thus equally a part of our community. And I sympathize with their intentions at least in part. The default perception of autism is that it's a tragedy that ruins lives and relationships and needs to be cured as some sort of disease. Team Superpower rightfully rejects that image and works to fight against it by showing autistic success. I think that's awesome. I love to see my fellow autistic people succeed. Even people I disagree with on political issues, even people who have said problematic things (like somebody who owns a car company and really wants to go to Mars...), I celebrate in all of our success because it's a demonstration that, to borrow a phrase from the Deaf community, "autism can!" However, in highlighting and emphasizing autistic success, these peoples approach minimizes autistic struggles. It isolates people who experience these struggles and may not be comfortable in their diagnosis. It almost makes autism seem "fun"! Like I have this super computer in my brain. Never mind that I can't tell it what to do and that it keeps me up at night. I think another side effect of this approach is that it lends to some people identifying as autistic for want of an identity or to seem "cool". I can just imagine someone thinking "Oh yeah I'm just like Sherlock. People just don't understand my unique personality and my genius mind. I must therefore be autistic. Greetings, my fellow autistic people!" Like yeah...okay, friend. Sure ya are!
I'd like to emphasize for a third time this isn't me saying that if you've watched a movie or show with an autistic character in it or seen an autistic content creator on social media and identified with them to the point where that led you to a self diagnosis. I'm talking very specifically about the people who have exhibited no autistic traits their entire lives but are no convinced they have it because they saw some Australian girl on Tiktok talk about her frogs. (That's not a personal attack on her by the way, just the first autism influencer that came to mind)
I think that both of these groups are in the position to destroy the decades of work the autistic community has done to become understood and accepted in mainstream society. While I think they are related, of course they have to be handled separately. Team Superpower needs to calm the heck down and not sugarcoat ASD and we need to decide as a community how to sift through the self diagnosed and weed out the fakes. I don't know what the solution here is but we need to come up with one soon and I think the first step is admitting we have a problem.
I hope I didn't come off as mean, offensive, or disrespectful. I hope I've demonstrated that my concern comes out of love for our community and a yearning to see our people thrive. Anyways, I feel better now getting that off my chest. Thanks for reading.
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2022.01.26 22:54 pauldy87 DCS rn

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2022.01.26 22:54 GroundbreakingSet187 Lovely ….

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2022.01.26 22:54 rocker0925 Practicing welds from start to end of day with 7018

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2022.01.26 22:54 HannaHyena Which Mark Ballas Argentine Tango are your favorites? Shawn & Mark(S8), Melissa & Mark (S9), Bristol & Mark(S11), Chelsea & Mark (S12), Katherine & Mark(S14), Aly & Mark (S16), Candace & Mark(S18), Sadie & Mark (S19), Willow & Mark(S20), Alexa & Mark (S21), Paige & Mark (S22),or Lindsey & Mark (S25)

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2022.01.26 22:54 MontaukNightSky If I get to the rank of 'Prince' with the Empire, does that mean Princess Aisling Duval will send me nudes?

If not, what's the point of getting ranked higher than Duke?
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2022.01.26 22:54 assis96 Prece da inflação kkkk

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2022.01.26 22:54 currynpoowine Dried stonecrop shadow looks like a jungle silhouette van mural

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2022.01.26 22:54 CampOkKoolaid Bae bent all the way over😫

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2022.01.26 22:54 AngelaPlayzz I decided to do a random 10 pull and skipped since I thought I wouldn’t get anything 🧍🏾‍♀️

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2022.01.26 22:54 ALDUD The way dominos cut my pizza. I’m not a child.

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2022.01.26 22:54 cgbehm sagas, [[clever impersonator]], and state based actions

imagine the following scenario:
i have a [[clever impersonator]] in my graveyard, and a [[elspeth conquers death]] with two lore counters as i move to my first main step.
if i were to target clever impersonator with the third chapter ability of elspeth conquers death, would i be able to have the impersonator enter the battlefield as a copy of ECD before state based actions are checked and the ECD is sacrificed?
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2022.01.26 22:54 CraZKchick81 Why is Secrets of Playboy not on Discovery +?

If it premiered on a&e why can I not watch this on Discovery+ when I pay for it?
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