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Worst scene

2022.01.27 00:40 7567CAPTAIN Worst scene

What is the worst scene in the MCU?
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2022.01.27 00:40 sleep-over661 New article alert 🚨 Read about us on blockonomi
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2022.01.27 00:40 Pickslay Love my nice new disc dyed by u/Longjumping-Cell2738!!!

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2022.01.27 00:40 marxistlemonism Felt cute. Idk lol

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2022.01.27 00:40 Euphoric_Reaction399 Is Disenchanted actually good?

I love Futurama, and I have a soft spot for The Simpsons. I've never watched Disenchanted, and I honestly don't know why, but something about it just seemed a little... off.
I don't know if it's because it almost felt lazy in a way. "Let's just do to fantasy what we did to sci-fi" is how I sort of saw it. But am I wrong? Is it actually worth watching? Is it any good?
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2022.01.27 00:40 sleeplessed Selling as a bundle: 12" Lulu and some Squishville. Send an offer/name your price. I'm not trying to make a profit, but I did hope to get some of what I paid back and I need them gone. Hoping for $15 + ship at MOST for the bundle but honestly just send an offer, I'm desperate to get rid of them

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2022.01.27 00:40 Tawnyk Three doses of monoclonal antibodies?

My doctor warned me I might not be eligible, but the hospital called today (Day 5) and said I was scheduled for the maB infusions for the next three mornings. I thought the monoclonal antibodies were a one-dose treatment. She didn’t know anything else as she’s just a scheduler.
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2022.01.27 00:40 zjsbjzisvfs How do I explain to my partner that I watch "boyfriend ASMR"?

Today my partner needed my phone for something so while I was asleep with my headphones on (I fell asleep listening to ASMR) he grabbed it but , half asleep, I realized what I had on the screen and grabbed it out of his hand. He thinks I was watching porn. In reality I listen to bf ASMR by this specific character I like quite often, it just feels nice to be told nice things and a lot of times my actual bf messes up his sleep schedule and ends up sleeping the opposite time as me so it's a good stand in for when I sleep alone. We argue often too and so it's comforting to listen to this stuff, if I'm being honest though I don't know if I WOULDN'T be listening if we didn't, but I'd like to think that's the case.
Idk if I should feel bad or not, I can totally understand being insecure about it, I know I'd be a lil hurt but then why not fix the issues? I feel hypocritical
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2022.01.27 00:40 Beginning-Medium-79 My (32f) male friend (34m) has suddenly gone silent on me. I want to give him the space to live his life, but I don’t want him to think I don’t care. What should I do??

Sorry in advance that this is so long. This is a friendship I care a lot about, so I’m afraid of acting like an idiot and ruining things.
I have a friend that I’ve known for a little over a decade. We went to school together and had classes together in college for a couple years. About 5 years ago I moved back home across the country. There were always some “vibes” between us but they were never acted upon because he was in a relationship at the time. He eventually married her and we lost touch. Sometimes he would watch my IG stories but that was it.
6 months ago he suddenly reaches out and tells me he and his wife are getting divorced. We start talking. She literally moves out of the house as we begin talking. He admits he had some “thoughts” about me back in the day and I admit the same. However things started moving fast (we talked for hours on the phone and it was flirty and sexual but also pretty emotional—it’s clear we are compatible). I think it freaked him out a little (understandably) and he pulled back a lot.
Over the next several months we did this thing where we’d talk for a bit, but then things would naturally seem to start escalating towards more emotional or sexual (depending on the mood, sometimes both in a conversation lol) and he’d pull back. I began getting depressed about how much I was falling for this dude who clearly wasn’t ready yet for another relationship (I’ve been single for a while), not to mention he isn’t even local (tho that isn’t a deal breaker, I love the city we met in); but anyway I decide I need to put myself out there and meet other guys because I am ready for a relationship and to settle down. I don’t want to be alone forever, and have no idea if this guy will ever be ready for me or if I even am who he wants. (Deep down and in my heart I feel that he feels I am that person for him, but again I don’t know if he will actually act on it ever). I start talking to some other people. He finds out and comes back around fast. However the same pattern repeats. This just makes me sad and discouraged again. Also tbh I really can’t get into it with these other guys and so I decide to ghost them and concentrate on work and my family for the holidays.
I still really care for this man and decide to push aside my feelings and just be available as a friend if he needs me, no expectations. We exchange very intermittent contact over the holidays. About a week and a half ago he suddenly reaches out again to talk. The first question out of his mouth (literally) is asking if I’m still single. We talk and both discuss how we haven’t been able to get into dating other people (neither of us specifically state it’s because of each other, for all I know he’s still recovering from his marriage, they were together over a decade). The conversation is good and he is saying many sweet and encouraging things about some other things I have going on in my life. However I’d just had a BRUTAL day of work (12 hour shift in the hospital) and was exhausted, he caught me at a very bad time and I had to leave the conversation early to go to bed. I was busy with some things in my personal life the next couple of days and didn’t reach back out. But he still viewed my IG stories the next couple of days as he always does. He does this like every day practically.
However the last 5 days he has been MIA. The first day I was planning to reach back out was the day he never came online. I know he’s not dead or in a hospital bc he liked a couple posts on FB. But this really bothers me and I don’t know what happened. I want to respect his space so I haven’t called or texted. He is busy with a demanding job and grad school so I kind of took his being on IG as being available to chat. Is he just not into me, even as a friend? (Remember that’s all I am trying to be at this point). Does he think I curved him the other night?
I want to also specifically point out this man is one of the kindest souls I know and I truly don’t think he is being a player or manipulative. Yes our conversations have gotten sexual but it’s not like we’re exchanging nudes or that I’m providing any sort of benefit in that’s way. Our conversations usually are not sexual at all. He truly cares for me and demonstrated so in some of my darkest days years ago in college. At worst he may be trying to get me to chase him a little (he has said he gets shy/passive when he really likes someone) but again even though I have feelings , I am trying to keep him in my life as a friend and not scare him off by being overbearing and like “WHERE ARE YOU??”.
What should I do?
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2022.01.27 00:40 SavvyLeAnn2316 Sons birthday is tomorrow and I can’t get him anything.

Title says it all…. My son will be 6 tomorrow 1-27. and I can’t get him any presents or take him out to eat or get him a cake because I don’t have the money… i have literally 10$ to last me until the 4th. I get paid the 4 th but it’s going to be a small check too. And my rent is due and it’s 550$ and I have NO idea what I’m going to do. I feel like such a failure. My poor boy… he deserves better than this… Momma is just in a bad spot right now…🥺😭💔
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2022.01.27 00:40 Chanceeeeee0424 3 weeks post op. Started light hiking and already lost 6 pounds since surgery. 💪🏼🎉

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2022.01.27 00:40 itsbusinesstiim Haliburton is awesome and likely a future all-star

but I'm warming up to trading him for Ben Simmons. I'd prefer it was Fox, but if it has to be Haliburton so be it. Haliburton has such a great mix of talents, but Ben is one of the most impressive defenders I've ever seen, and his playmaking is top five in the league.
I really really wish we made a Fox trade when his value was higher, but can't live in the past. if we trade Hali for Ben, at also need to trade Fox for a SF or SG that can shoot lights out. and fill the roaster with 3 and D guys.
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2022.01.27 00:40 caleemo [US-CA][H] PayPal, local cash [W] SA Bliss r2 kits

Looking for specifically UwU Alphas, Dark mods, spacebars. Willing to purchase other kits not mentioned if it needs to be bundled
thanks for lookin!
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2022.01.27 00:40 Domsdad666 [Homemade] Gnocchi with a beef sauce and zucchini.

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2022.01.27 00:40 j0ker31m Broken at 3rd node. Trying to save her but why is new growth purple?

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2022.01.27 00:40 throwaway1837464 How many of you here are diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive disorder?

I’m curious. I am.
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2022.01.27 00:40 Important_Garlic7774 Interesting thread about miss Kimmy

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2022.01.27 00:40 Grim781 Oh No Tree Fall's Younger Brother (Kit) Doesn't have a name!

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2022.01.27 00:40 shines270 It’s not all bad!

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2022.01.27 00:40 ewright33 Since we are sharing… little peak: Rise x Dallas / me as former super fan.

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2022.01.27 00:40 _psylosin_ When neckbeard fashion starts

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2022.01.27 00:40 bootscallahan What moment (at the time, not in hindsight) was the proudest of your life?

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2022.01.27 00:40 reignthepain Well I guess this is my smile today. I got Botox in my masseters a week ago. What in the world is happening to me???

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2022.01.27 00:40 KannaKrew Oblivious v Misfits | KGL S3W2

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2022.01.27 00:40 No-Earth-3982 How do you use countermeasures in the helicopter?

Well im trying out the heli and I got mostly everything down but I cant figure out how to use CMS. I kind of need them for the first mission. I tried looking online with no success. Thanks.
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