Dynasty Trade PPR

2022.01.26 22:42 dmtarheel20 Dynasty Trade PPR

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2022.01.26 22:42 dpwell Clock (bouncing?) issues with 8-bit computer

Hi, I had some really odd experiences with the clock as I've been nearing the end of this project. First, when I manually advanced the clock I noticed that the program counter would increment by 2, not 1. It would do 1 increment when I pressed the button down, and another when I released it. Then yesterday I was starting to hook up the control logic and wired the clock to the 4-bit binary adder that counts to 8 and controls the instruction cycle. The output of this was completely crazy and unpredictable.
I then tried the technique where you route the clock signal through an inverter before it gets to the RC circuit in the RAM module. After that I didn't experience any problems, so perhaps that was the solution.
I'm just curious: has everyone experienced this same clock issue? Has everyone used the inverter trick? Or are there other solutions? Thanks.
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2022.01.26 22:42 anonyM0uzx Idk Ross.

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2022.01.26 22:42 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - U.S. and NATO Respond to Putin’s Demands as Ukraine Tensions Mount | NY Times

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2022.01.26 22:42 komoru-1 Has anyone fixed the cameraview community toolkit rotation issue?

Whenever I take a video on android my video preview is rotated sideways I was able to fix the images to fit correctly with bitmap but I don’t know how to fix the rotation of the video preview at all? Does anyone have any answers? Or similar experiences?
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2022.01.26 22:42 jobsinanywhere “Melrose Place” actor Morgan Stevens died at the age of 70

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2022.01.26 22:42 nyannyanpenguin Late b-day art for Rosaria

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2022.01.26 22:42 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Immigration groups outline plans for upcoming state reforms | Chicago Sun-Times

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2022.01.26 22:42 ebonyrose6 WILBUR LORE READING SPOILERS!! the scene where wilbur and quackity are focused more on fighting/one-upping each other than getting to tubbo reminded me so much of this film

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2022.01.26 22:42 Hayden-laye The Supreme Court has denied a stay of execution for Donald Grant & Gilbert Postelle in Oklahoma. Both of their lethal injection executions are to proceed on schedule tomorrow morning.

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2022.01.26 22:42 Sadvakoo Tape recording/ VCR question

May be a stupid question but with a RDR VX555 vcr could I hook it up to my pc via hdmi and then hook up to my crt using component cables and have the pc display on the crt for recording tapes?
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2022.01.26 22:42 AdventurousAdamC 39 M4F Here for something specific #ConroeTX

We all know why I’m here. It’s why you’re here. Only I’m not looking to change my situation. What I’m looking for is to feel wanted and appreciated. Miss the verbal and sexual attention. Looking for someone who is 28+. Relationship status doesn’t matter as long as you understand I can’t meet up on a whim unless there’s planning done. Any race.
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2022.01.26 22:42 ExtHD Munich anti-BDS policy is illegal, German federal court rules

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2022.01.26 22:42 chucrutcito Please help me to promote my 3D Metal Printer Project!

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2022.01.26 22:42 ZoolShop Brooklyn's looming decision that could impact James Harden's future with the team | NBA Countdown - ESPN

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2022.01.26 22:42 meatsweats87 Agency paid ISP

Anyone work for an agency (current or former) where they're agency paid for their private/home internet for whatever reason; especially now with so many having transitioned to remote and telework? If so, was there a monetary cap on the monthly charges the agency would pay?
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2022.01.26 22:42 JennaFire0 Coco-Colo

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2022.01.26 22:42 Temporary-Interest48 Please come support me only $1

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2022.01.26 22:42 loulara17 Survivor Auction

Does anyone know why they stopped the auction episodes? I always liked those!
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2022.01.26 22:42 SulkingDeath How often do you play your switch docked?

I had a conversation with a friend today who said he almost always plays docked, while I almost always play in handheld mode. He seems to think most people play docked usually. I was just wondering which way it was for most others.
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2022.01.26 22:42 Krappatoa Chinese News Coverage of Ukraine

What are the Chinese people being told by state media about the situation in Ukraine right now?
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2022.01.26 22:42 batena-- I am stuck and i don't know what to do

I am 26 years old started working for the first time in my life 4 months ago, I live in middle East, came from a strict Muslim background, never touched or shaked men's hands since age of 9, but since i started working many things changed for me, and i decided to try new things and explore, i shake men's hands, i talk to them and joke with them, one guy at my work place asked me out and i said yes, even though i never went out with a guy, i informed him by my past and how i have fear from men and how almost all of them failed me or caused me pain physically or mentally, i informed him how all this is new for me and strange like going out with a guy, i told him how men make me disgusted of myself when they verbally harass me in street and that's why i prefer being home, i told him all that just so he knows how to deal with me, just so he knows that i have issues with men and i am trying to recover from all that, he said he is ok with all that and he is interested in me, 5 days later i noticed that he comes really close to me physically so i expressed to him how this makes me nervous, week later after the date for some reason he told me that my sent is still in his nose and he kinda like it This creeped me out, it made me realize that every time he come closer to me is to "sniff" me or something like that, i don't want to be with him anymore i am totally disgusted, maybe there's something wrong with me, maybe it's normal people to tell others something like that But what should i do now ? i don't want to turn my working place into uncomfortable sad place, if i informed him that i don't want to go with him anymore it will be really strange to see him every day I feel like i am trapped, what do you think i should do, and please be nice with me Thank you
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2022.01.26 22:42 Kirks_Muffins When should data processing be on the frontend and when should it be on the backend?

Feel free to just answer the general question if you want. I posted specifics about my situation below and could use an outsider's opinion.
I'm currently working a job that requires displaying a lot of data in tables. Our backend system is split up into separate microservices and we need to retrieve data from two different microservices and process that data in a way where we can display it in a table.
The processing is of the order of O(m * n), where m and n are values that could realistically range from 1 to 100 and the processing only effects certain columns in the table so on the frontend we could realistically (display the data -> process that data on the frontend -> display the processed data) without badly effecting the user experience.
Our backend team wants us to do the processing on the frontend because of latency concerns. If the two microservices have to talk to each other it will take a longer time for the data to appear on the screen than if the frontend requests data from two separate microservices.
Our frontend team feels that too much of the data processing responsibility is being put on the frontend making our frontend codebase bloated. They want the data to be processed in some sort of aggregator on the backend (the aggregator doesn't exist, but the frontend wants one to exist) and they believe the latency issues stem from issues with the microservice architecture (tbh I don't know if this is true) and processing the data on the frontend just puts a band-aid on our latency issue.
How much data processing on the frontend is reasonable? Is it better for your backend to just spit out values from the database or should it prepare that data in a way that takes the load off of the client side? What are your experiences as a frontend developer interacting with a backend spit up into many different microservices?
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2022.01.26 22:42 The_UAB_Blazer HBO max issues after 15.3

Updated one of our ATV to 15.3 and now HBO Max is borked. Plays audio with no image, or just gets stuck spinning. So, I thought I would just airplay it from my iPhone- but it also won’t play that either. Plays fine on the phone and other devices. May want to wait for a new app release before you update your devices.
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2022.01.26 22:42 Steveisrandom69 Your Friend Steve

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