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Sauce: Burito

2022.01.27 00:02 Nostalgic-Banter Sauce: Burito

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2022.01.27 00:02 MuddyDirtStar Queso dip and chem cookies

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2022.01.27 00:02 WhereGoodUserName It do be like that

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2022.01.27 00:02 mwd549z WTF is this normal?
TMPIN6 122°C
TMPIN8 113°C
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2022.01.27 00:02 Shoesalwaysfit Jasmine’s sweater.

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2022.01.27 00:02 CastBlaster3000 Looking for more argument/debate books

I picked up The Structure of Argument by Annette Rottenburg and while it technically is a textbook, I’ve been having a great time reading it so far. I have a few books lined up to read next(Das Kapital + a few chess books) but I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations similar to TSoA, anything about deconstructing argument and debate to better understand how to construct solid points and influence people. Thanks!
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2022.01.27 00:02 MoxieColorado What is something people do that you simply don't understand?

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2022.01.27 00:02 userritesh Few Surprising Exercises to Help You Lose Weight, Expert Says

Not every fat-burning exercise necessitates you to be miserable. Proof can be found here.
When you think of the phrase's "exercise" and "weight loss," images of people struggling through rounds of burpees in pools of perspiration, as shown on TV shows like The Biggest Loser, may come to mind. While rigorous workouts like jogging, deadlifting, and HIIT are all effective fat-burning and weight-loss methods, you don't have to go to extremes with your workout routine to shed a few pounds. In truth, there are a variety of good sorts of exercise that are disguised as "fun" but are effective weight-loss methods. Read on to find out what they are, as there are only a few of them.
1. Trampoline Jumping
Fatima Cody Stanford, MD, a Harvard-educated physician and obesity expert, is a big believer in jumping on a trampoline (also known as "rebounding" in fitness parlance) to assist people to lose weight, especially obese people. She claims that the trampoline has a modest impact on joints. "Those who are overweight or have joint troubles due to their weight can benefit from using a fitness trampoline. It's also much fun to participate in!"
According to NASA, jumping on a trampoline is more effective than running at developing muscle mass, which helps you lose weight. Further research has discovered that rebounding benefits balance, back pain relief, blood sugar regulation, and weight loss.
2. Rock Climbing
In the mountains, a sportswoman with a lean fit physique climbs the rock for a workout. Climbing challenging moves, looking for grips, and overhanding.
You're probably aware that rock climbing appears to be difficult. You're well aware that it seems to be quite cool. But you probably didn't equate this upper-body-heavy activity with the words "weight loss" until now. But it's true: you may lose weight by working your way down.
Though there's a lot more to it, rock climbing is fundamentally a strength-training activity: You're continually working your primary muscle groups in the same way you would if you were lifting weights. More muscular growth means more calories burned, and fighting your way up a rock face will burn many calories. You'll strengthen your core, arms, glutes, and back. According to WebMD, "rock climbing is a fantastic method to lose a few pounds."
Have you ever noticed how all avid rock climbers are... skinny? Some of it is due to genetics, but some of it is because they enjoy climbing rocks. "Rock climbing is one of the most physically demanding sports," explains Rock Climbing Central. "As you mount the heights, you must use your hands and legs to lift and push your body higher."
Learn More
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2022.01.27 00:02 NewCubesBot [Thu 2022-01-27] Daily NewCubesBot post

Good morning everyone! Here are the new cubes for the day:

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2022.01.27 00:02 lowlifedougal Acquired Taste: Contributions of the African Diaspora to Food Culture in the America

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2022.01.27 00:02 Cold_Extreme_2979 What is the weirdest thing you own in your Toy Story collection I'll go first one is a cake toppers I had since I was five.

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2022.01.27 00:02 collleoptera My boyfriend (34M) and I (26F) sex life is dissolving. But I am as attracted to him as ever.

My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and a half, living with each other for half of that. When we met, our sex life was active, everyday, multiple times a day and very exciting/creative. He was just what I always yearned for in a romantic and sexual partnership. He was just as sexually energetic and interested as I was, sexting throughout work, sharing photos just for fun, wanting to touch anytime we could. I felt very connected/intimate most every day.
Issue is, it had gradually slowed down the last three months, now to a full stopping point. This includes foreplay/making out, or*l, etc. He is unemployed right now, and I can see it is affecting his self esteem. What my issue is though, is whenever I ask him about it, he simply says he can’t right now. He gets erections regularly, he says he still is attracted to me and he still thinks of me sexually.
I respect all of this, but the only thing I hear in my head is the times he told me in the past how with his ex (36F) of six years and him never stopped having sex, even for one week. He said if they did, he would have to masturbate to compensate. We are all sexually charged people- why am I not thirsted after the same as she was, anymore?
He is not very affectionate overall, so sex and bedtime is where I got most of his deeper affection and compliments. He can see it has been affecting me, because I am just confused, lonely, and sexually starved with such a turn of behavior.
I haven’t pushed it with him further, because I want him to know he can take all the time he needs. But Now with the way I am feeling though, even so far as crying privately about it, I am worried it will be too long before I begin to really suffer from it emotionally. It is taking me a lot to not feel selfish enough to post here and ask. He is so beautiful and think of him intimately all throughout my day.
How long should I give him before needing to seriously consider a break/another conversation for my own needs?
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2022.01.27 00:02 jh917 Were there always as many homosexuals in the world throughout history as there are in the modern society of today?

Maybe a stupid question indeed, but I have been wondering this for a while. I’ve heard of DADT in the military, but what about even further back in history?
Like were there settlers in the British colonies who secretly liked their own gender but didn’t tell anyone?
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2022.01.27 00:02 ngteller Fox News Won

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2022.01.27 00:02 lizardspock75 Story behind this incredible Ultraman short??

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2022.01.27 00:02 cpap2021 Clean new Dynamic Deck

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2022.01.27 00:02 Thudson888 Made these really cool hydro dipped space shoes! Let me know what you think

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2022.01.27 00:02 The_Thunder_G0d At the end of the day,we're all gonna suffer and die because of shit that has nothing to do with any of us.

Fuck this world.
Damn this world to hell and everyone in it.
i really wish the cops shot me back when i was 15. i wish i was dead rn.
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2022.01.27 00:02 Senior_Economics_122 18M, just beginning to get addicted
Left to right is my favourite to my least favourite.
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2022.01.27 00:02 CKT0304 The Girl Who Have A Lewd Thoughts

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2022.01.27 00:02 mr_daddycool1 Daljit Kaur

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2022.01.27 00:02 tasinbae Buy NFT Burgers gif on Opensea. Link in the comments.

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2022.01.27 00:02 popopoipo おっさんモララー度チェックシート いくつ該当した? :1 性欲が低下した/2 元気がない/3 体力が低下した/4 身長が低くなった/5 毎日の楽しみが少ない/6 もの悲しい・怒りっぽい/7 勃起力が弱くなった/8 運動能力が低下した/9 夕食後にうたた寝をする/10 仕事がうまくいかない

おっさんモララー度チェックシート いくつ該当した? :1 性欲が低下した/2 元気がない/3 体力が低下した/4 身長が低くなった/5 毎日の楽しみが少ない/6 もの悲しい・怒りっぽい/7 勃起力が弱くなった/8 運動能力が低下した/9 夕食後にうたた寝をする/10 仕事がうまくいかない submitted by popopoipo to newsokunomoral [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 00:02 maxiepad15 Question about stimulus check reporting for this year taxes.

What’s the stimulus checks do we have to report for this year taxes? I’m single and made like 28k. If I’m not wrong it would be the 600 from January and 1400 from march which both I got. Thank you.
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2022.01.27 00:02 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Northwestern falls short at Michigan | Chicago Sun-Times

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