First bong, first time buying an oz cheers and much love everyone

2021.12.06 21:42 estimatedprophet24 First bong, first time buying an oz cheers and much love everyone

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2021.12.06 21:42 PreviousAssumption68 Can someone rolepla as brooke

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2021.12.06 21:42 Z4ri PSA: Mjölnir’s Strike Counter Phase ends in about 3 hours!

Hello, fellow Summoners. I know you’re probably busy beating each other’s faces in, but please remember to do the same to Conrad and Thorr. With your arrows.
Not quite as bombastic as duels, but the rewards here are good too. Trait Fruit, Divine Codes 2, Midgard Gems and Flying Dragonflowers.
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2021.12.06 21:42 PeasantPastry Dynamic Events 2.0

Anyone else feel the Dynamic Event system needs a buff?
I would like to see all dynamic events in the game updated with more challenge, more teamwork, more rewards and more objectives. I think updating the thousands of existing events would be a great way to revitalize this key core component of the game.

- Tiers beyond bronze/silvegold, like Diamond or Platinum that yield higher rewards for corrdinated skilled groups that can complete the event while dealing with optional secondary objectives that are part of the Dynamic Events 2.0. Special enemies that spawn, special areas to defend, special npcs to keep alive, special things to collect, special characters to escort - Special, meaning that if these special objectives are not completed or succeed within a very challenging or punishing window, the event is not failed. It is simply optional challenges for skilled players.
- Leaderboards post dynamic event - After a Dynamic Event is complete, there could be a leaderboard that shows you and other players participation across, healing, kills, AOE, Sustains, cleanliness, revives, environment items used, damage taken, times died and so on. It would be very cool if the leaderboard tech used in the adventures, could be used to make universal leaderboards with world rankings, so players can continually try and get a higher ranking and be the best at different things in events.
- Achievements associated with dynamic events - There needs to be more achievements and rewards associated with regular dynamic events. Like completing every dynamic event in a map, or doing 100 different hylek related events, or completing 100 events in a row on a map without a fail.
- Dynamic Event combos - There should be a combo meter for dynamic events where you keep getting more rewards, gold, currency and items the more events you complete by roaming. Complete 5 events in a row, and get 25 silver on top of your regular event completion rewards, after 20 events a gold, after 50 events a mystic coin - Basically, give people an addictive combo meter and reward system to keep people engaged in doing the open world content around the old maps (besides silverwastes).
- Dynamic Events related armors and weapon skins per old maps - Veteran players need long term reasons to go back to old core maps, and living world and expansion maps. Adding new rewards thaty encourages long term play is a great way to make players excited about dynamic events again.
Adding cultural gear would be a great place to start. Say you wanted that new Skritt Armor made of improvised garbage - The player would have to discover, travel and find skritt related dynamic events across the world, and complete many of them to get enough shinies to trade for garbage armor.
- overhaul champions bags - The loot bags for champion monsters is too cookie cutter and not exciting enough. There needs to be more imagination and variation. A Hylek Champion monster should drop something different than a Naga Champion with a different loot table that speaks more to the the race and group that they belong too. Too many events have boring passive rewards and are not exciting.

Dynamic Events in GW2 are really cool. They are a pillar of the core game and was a key feature when the game shipped in '12 - But for veteran players, they are often wasted and draw out the play time despite the fact that these events have the best story and world exposition in the game.
There are also countless hidden and rarely seen dynamic events that are hard to spot, find and trigger because they rarely appear. Some events only spawn when a particular event fails. And you have events that trigger in obscure random off the beaten path places where players rarely venture.
We need dynamic Events to get a real boost in the arm. They need to remain casual as a good introduction point for beginners and casual players, but if there was a way to update the dynamic event system across the board to add difficulty, rewards and strategy to veterans, it would pay for itself many times over.
Many players like dynamic events, they just don't have a reason to do them because metas, silverwaste and bosses are what they care about. But there is a lot of skill and expertise in knowing all the events of a map, and there can be a lot of skill added to have high speciality things, enemies and objectives trigger within a dynamic event to make it interesting for players who need a challenge and who desire new rewards.
Finally, adding more strategy and teamwork to existing event can be a way for soft roles to appear in groups. Instead of having zerg event trains where everyone stands on top of each other in a blob just making a seizure induced lightshow, having secondary objectives that require groups of players to use their skills and teamwork to spread out, can help add strategy and fun to the games many hundreds of events.

What is dynamic events to you? What would you add to make events as interesting as they where in the past?
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2021.12.06 21:42 waluigilover123 Fortnite really is dead

Still no return of the old map and shitty “mechanics” and meta no one asked for, Chapter 3 is even worse than Chapter 2 I swear to god. How can you still believe this game isn’t dead af lmao, Fortnite just destroyed itself the past few years
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2021.12.06 21:42 Veinorvain Character Designing

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2021.12.06 21:42 Sam_Loomis I uploaded a Dio show from 1984 that hasn't been posted online before. Hopefully you guys can enjoy it!

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2021.12.06 21:42 Delicious-Car-174 Florida 🤭

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2021.12.06 21:42 Entire-Reindeer-2113 So im rereading and i just got to chapter 112

Oh man I can't wait for it to get made into a chapter of the comic that poor poor midget I can't believe I forgot one of dokjas most badass moments
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2021.12.06 21:42 MammothCrab8167 Does bullet hell always end with 666 kills minus the lich?

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2021.12.06 21:42 Boamoon Does my friend have autism?

I have known this girl for about 12 weeks now and have got a growing suspicion that she may be somewhat autistic.
Her behaviour is sporadic, she cannot stand silence and loves the sound of her own voice. She will throw a fit (like a tantrum of a spoilt 3 year old only child) if someone touches her phone. God forbid you take her phone without asking, the demon emerges from within, a screech that will scar you for life and make your ears bleed, will come from her mouth. She is also obnoxiously loud for no reason. Cannot accept being wrong, the demonic scream will return if you argue for too long. It appears that she cannot physically answer even the simplest questions concisely. All of her stories are so drawn out and totally quite frankly shit. for instance I had a 25 minute story about how she met someone her friend met, yes that was the extend of the story. she is extremely sensitive to semi loud sounds. her reaction times are also the slowest I have ever seen she lives about 3 seconds in the past. She will pick up on strange unrealistic things in films such as a character running in heels, for what she seems to be too long. She cant work in the flat has to go to the library, even if it's empty she cannot work in her room or the kitchen for some reason. She is very good at remembering dates too. she likes to wank to wall I don't know how relevant it is but I mean the more you know.
Sure there is more but that's the main just of her condition if we could come together as a community and help my friend that would be greatly appreciated.
TLDR, Friend is annoying I think she has autism.
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2021.12.06 21:42 mubydram Gabriels - Bloodline (2021)

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2021.12.06 21:42 Novantrian Searching a for a commission…of my best friend

Hello Redditors, today I come to you with somber news.
Today, after weeks of worry and watching her waste away, I said goodbye to my cat Sadie, my best friend of 14 years. My greatest solace was that she did not suffer in her final moments, and I was able to be with her every step of the way. Sadie was brought to my home when I was just 8 years old, when she was just a kitten. In that time she had become my best friend; she was constantly at my side, so much so that my friends joked her being my ‘wizard familiar.’
So that is why I come to you today. As a long time dnd player, and an even longer time cat lover, I’m looking to have a piece done that will immortalize my Sadie as the Fey Familiar she always was. Please DM me with a portfolio and your commission rates. I look forward to working with you.
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2021.12.06 21:42 Huge_Kaleidoscope_73 User Lurk CFM (1/32) PS5

User Lurk CFM is a 48 hour comp league with semi-relaxed rules. This will be a league with very competitive players and a very competitive culture. With that being said there is a survey when you first join that if your answers correlate to the atmosphere I’m trying to create, you will be granted membership and access to the rest of the server. If you’re interested, join the link below, but if you can’t take an L, are a big troll, or aren’t that skilled, this league may not be for you.
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2021.12.06 21:42 _Jesse_13 Confirmed! Racin Usa Pt 3 will turn everyone into american.

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2021.12.06 21:42 e1l1even Futuro do plantel do Benfica (?)

Eu sou fã do FUTEBOL do JJ. Acho que provou ter qualidade tática ao longo dos anos, nas várias equipas que passou MAS não sou fã de várias coisas, nomeadamente a composição do plantel que exige e a falta de aposta em jovens, etc... Isso parece-me fulcral para um clube que queira ser competitivo ao longo dos anos em Portugal. Não como fizemos no passado recente, ao apostar em putos à toa sempre que saia um jogador fulcral, mas sim ir apostando nos que têm qualidade e reforçar posições que necessitem de jogadores com qualidade. Parece-me a mim que estamos no caminho completamente oposto.

GRs: Vlachodimos (poderá ser boa venda); Svilar prestes a sair a custo zero; Hélton Leite (31 anos, poderá ser útil desportivamente)
OBS: Não temos real sucessor mas podemos usufruir desportivamente e financeiramente.
DD: Gilberto (28 anos), Lazaro (empréstimo), André Almeida (31 anos) e Diogo Gonçalves (não é um real DD e passa a vida lesionado) - Confesso que não conheço possível sucessor na academia mas com este treinador não será aposta.
OBS: Não usufruímos desportivamente a alto nível e não renderá desportivamente.
DC: Otamendi (33 anos); Vertonghen (34 anos); Lucas Veríssimo (parece-me ser das melhores contratações dos últimos anos - preço/qualidade - poderá ser boa venda); Morato (tem potencial e poderá render desportivamente e financeiramente).
OBS: 2 em fim de carreira a receber salários milionários,
DE: Grimaldo (26 anos, se fosse melhor a defender já não estaria na nossa liga, a 1 ano e meio de acabar contrato...); Gil Dias custou 4 milhões e não percebo a contratação.
Médios: Pizzi e Taarabt com 32 anos; João Mário com 28 (renderá desportivamente certamente); Meité com 27 anos e custou 6 milhões. Gedson (22 anos - tem potencial e não é aposta pq JJ); Paulo Bernardo (tem potencial e não é aposta pq JJ); Weigl é jogador para sistema com 3 no meio campo, apesar de ter melhorado imenso, talvez com um médio mais intenso, poderiam complementar-se bem.
OBS: Com Gedson e Paulo Bernardo vamos buscar Meite para quê?

Conclusão: Jogadores que podem render desportivamente/financeiramente; Contratações desnecessárias;
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2021.12.06 21:42 Ok_Equivalent_4296 When FIA says to let Hamilton pass, so you block the whole track and pull a 2.4 g brake

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2021.12.06 21:42 ZoolShop Mixing Pfizer, AstraZ COVID-19 shots with Moderna gives better immune response -UK study

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2021.12.06 21:42 spellbadgrammargood Why do you hate your job?

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2021.12.06 21:42 Mitigater44 Is this normal

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2021.12.06 21:42 PROLogicX [MF] Bully Adrian and the Alarm Clocks of Doom

“I start every day with the smell of gunpowder,” Adrian said. He was sitting in a coffee shop, opposite someone he had met the day before. Adrian was enjoying a smooth latte, while his new friend, Matthew, sipped on his Mocha.
Matthew opened his mouth as if about to speak, but then raised his coffee mug to his lips and sipped again instead.
“You see, it’s that kind of wild start to the day that set’s the tone for it you know. It’s a lovely thing, to start the day off right.” he continued.
“Ah, I get you,” Matthew said, sipping his mocha again. “You mean you like to start your day off strong, as the firepower of a gun, and it sets the tone for your day.”
“Indeed, just like that, exactly like that, every day, for the past 3 years”
“Impressive." Matthew looked down to an empty mug and knowingly sipped again. "Has it er, does it.. does it have a good effect on you?”
“Well darn absolutely. Absolutely absolutely. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of it”
“I see…”
“Ah you went on earlier that you're are a pacifist aren’t you?”
“Yes. I tend to avoid violent situations myself.”
“Hmm, you should really try and get into it. The violence isn’t directed at anyone or anything. Well, at least nothing important.”
Images of a typical firing range filled Matthews's mind. “Ah… well of course. No point in firing unless you have a target right?”
“Of course. See, you're learning already.”
“I see.” Matthew looked at his watch. “Well, I best be going, I must see to things. There's a pile of” He looked down at his empty mug again. "A pile of DVDs I must return"
Matthew left money for the bill. They said their goodbyes and left.
"I wasn't expecting a free coffee," Adrian thought to himself.
The next morning, Adrian woke up to his alarm ringing. He glanced across his room at the alarm clock as its screeching and deafening sounds filled his bedroom. It was sat as a lone decoration, right on top of his wardrobe. He turned away from the alarm and wrapped himself tighter in the duvet. He brought his arms closer to his body and tried to send himself back to dreamland.
The alarm continued to ring.
He let out a long sigh. “I’ve got this” he muttered to himself.
In one swift motion, he smacked the panel on the wall next to his bed. As it slid open, his other hand moved as if choreographed to grab the object revealed behind it, a .32 caliber revolver developed by the Sigmasium company for nothing but raw stopping power. Three years ago, he had practiced day and night firing the weapon at a firing range until he could comfortably control the recoil from any position, angle, awakeness, and mood. As he grabbed the gun, his finger smoothly slid onto the trigger. His body spun 180, from facing the wall, to facing the alarm clock as he brought the revolver closer to his eyes lining up his target.
He fired the gun, and the alarm clock exploded, pieces of it flying everywhere, but his eyes remained wide open, and his mouth joined too, growing into an enormous grin.
The pure energy that had surged through the room was like a drug. “Pacifists…” he said.
Adrian got out of his bed and turned to look outside. There, lay a pile of broken alarm clocks almost 2 meters tall. Continuing to smile, he walked through his bedroom into his living room where patio doors were. As he stepped outside he raised his arms ready to throw it and add it to his collection.
“You know you really shouldn’t do that” came a voice from over his fence. It was calm, yet assertive.
Over the fence leaped a man who could only be described as an absolute tank.
The tank held its position as the voice from over the fence continued. “I see no good reason anyone should perform an act like this”
Two women, leaped over the fence, their figure, musculature, and height making the initial man look like their apprentice.
Determined to get his message across, the voice continued “So I guess I have no choice but to educate you.”
Adrian, stood in his garden, looking at the three figures before him, and then at himself, examining his muscles. He looked at the women standing on either side of the man with their arms crossed. In his mind, one of their biceps alone was probably the size of his entire body. He looked up and stood motionless as his eyes fixated on the people before him. His grip on the broken alarm clock loosened, and it fell to the ground.
“LITTERING, YOU INSOLENT SWINE!” boomed the voice beyond the fence.
An army of 400 men, women, and children tore through the fence charging towards the pile of alarm clocks with spades and rhythmically swooped them towards Adrian. Adrian gasped as the alarm clocks 1 by 1 flew by his face, all missing him. By the time the pile was cleared, there were two new symmetrical piles on either side of Adrian.
“How did you- “ he began.
An echoing boom in the distance was joined by the sight of a figure leaping at least 5 meters in the air towards Adrian. It was as if the clouds themselves would separate by the motion and intensity of the jump, that Adrian instinctively took a step backward and turned to face the figure. The figure landed in front of him in silence, which was shocking, as Adrian could have sworn that a magnitude 8 earthquake should have gone off in front of him sending him flying backward into his house.
Adrian fell to his knees in absolute shock. “How?” he asked, his hand reaching out.
“How?” he asked again. He turned to where his pile of alarm clocks had once been.
The figure paused, before re-iterating himself again “TAKE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE- “
“HOW?!” Adrian shouted, his voice booming in volume.
There was a silence across the garden. The army and the generals stood silent.
Omega Recycle looked at Adrian with a blank expression as he spoke. “What do you mean how?”
There was a silence again as Omega Recycle tried to process his words.
“Know what…?”
“I … you… " If there was a measure of patience to be found from Omega Recycle, he had found the limit of it. "YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS.”
Adrian retook first place in the shouting contest as he turned back to Omega Recycle and shouted loudly in his face. “PUT THOSE ALARM CLOCKS BACK THERE, UNLESS THE 404, WANT TO BE THE ONES WHO VANISH FROM EXISTENCE”
The leader took two steps back. He turned around to his army to see them also looking just as confused.
“What-“ he started, but he couldn’t find the words.
“MOVE THEM BACK NOW!” boomed Adrian.
The figure was startled, and couldn’t move. He turned to his army as he spoke. “R-return the alarm clocks to their place.” He couldn't believe the words he was saying.
A young man in the army spoke out “But sir?”
Adrian's eyes met with the man's “DID HE STUTTER?”
The young man looked at Adrian as if to say “Yes?” but not a single sound escaped his mouth.
“DID I STUTTER?” asked Adrian.
The young man looked back at his leader, and then at the alarm clocks, and then at Adrian. He slowly walked towards them, occasionally looking back at Omega Recycle to see if he would stop him. He picked up one of the broken alarm clocks and for what seemed like an eon, he stared at it. In the corner of his eye, he saw Adrian standing there with a look of intense dissatisfaction on his face. He turned immediately and returned it to the pile. Slowly, other figures did the same.
Long ago, scientists believed that the universe we experienced was perhaps one of many, one of a multiverse. Worlds where the impossible were possible. In this reality, Adrian possessed a power he had never realized. Where there was the Alpha, the Beta, and the Omega, he was something else. It allowed its user to outmaneuver any situation, using merely his innate personality.
The army looked at him as if he was an alien speaking a language that couldn't be heard let alone understood.
In a world of any possibilities, Adrian was an improbable existence, a natural human ability taken to a level so far as if to create a new pseudoscience.
“AND SO LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR. I AM ADRIAN SIGMA GRINDSET JR” He said, as he dramatically declared one of his rules.
The world would soon know, but this was the moment that Bully Adrian was born.
To be continued...
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2021.12.06 21:42 myusernameistaken170 Why do women still take a man’s surname when they get married? Is it normal to want to keep your maiden name?

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2021.12.06 21:42 Eli_Truax Angry Leftists Threaten to Shut Down Washington, D.C. Tomorrow (following whites march because you know how much damage they did)

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2021.12.06 21:42 YeahsureProbably first "serious" map; its malta

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