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Johannes Brahms - Op.49 No.4 Wiegenlied / Lullaby (original composition) lullaby definition: 1. a quiet song that is sung to children to help them go to sleep 2. a quiet song that is sung to…. Learn more. Download this music: https://mcclungmusic.comSupport this channel: https://www.patreon.com/McClungMusicFall asleep with my extra-relaxing version of Johannes... Songs to put a baby to sleep lyrics - Baby Lullaby.- Lullabies For Bedtime Fisher Price Style 2 Hours Go to https://www.youtube.com/user/bestbabylullabiesDow... Download RUN WILD. LIVE FREE. LOVE STRONG., including the hit single "Fix My Eyes”: https://smarturl.it/RWLFLSDeluxeStream on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/rwl... The Lullaby Trust raises awareness of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), provides expert advice on safer sleep for babies and offers emotional support for bereaved families. Help save more babies’ lives Donations made today will be doubled for free, making twice the difference. Hypno's Lullaby. Uh, it's built on Psych Engine and programmed by Ash and Yoshubs, idk you dont really need much of a description I just dont wanna see psych engine here lmao Psych Engine is by shadowmario Watch the official video for 'Lullaby' by The Cure from the 1989 album DisintegrationSubscribe to the Rhino Channel! https://Rhino.lnk.to/YouTubeSubIDCheck O... BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming. With thousands of award-winning articles and community groups, you can track your pregnancy and baby's growth, get answers to your toughest questions, and connect with ... Geometric Lullaby. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A collection of songs about life and death. Submissions: geometriclullaby@hotmail.com

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2021.12.06 21:01 RyoJoelOfficial Where did Faker.EXE or Revie's Sonic.exe come from?

Is there a creepypasta for it or a fangame for it? What's the story behind it?
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Wanted to surprise my (ex) gf before my return date and came in early, but it's 2AM, she's not home, and her iPad was left on her bed with some horny messages with her male friend.
Here I am, sitting on her bed, feeling tired, but ready for an AMA! (NSFW Too!)
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Previous / First
Writer's note: Despite what I said last night. Here's more. And it comes with both feels, and backstory about what's gone on on earth between our IRL history, and James's.
As James continued to cry, sobbing into the vest of his dead friend, Princess Amina stood behind him awkwardly. She cursed herself for being so foolish.
Of course they hadn't cleaned it, those fools. She thought. The mages probably ordered that nobody so much as touch anything once they got it. But still, She scolded herself. I should have payed closer attention. Stupid.
Still James continued crying, doubled over with his hands on the ground next to the vest. He was taking long ragged breaths and she could see snot running from his nose. He was saying something but it was incomprehensible. Then she noticed that he'd removed the medallion and thrown it aside.
She didn't know what to do. She'd seen people die before, in battle. But the last time someone close to her had had deal with a loss this great she had been a child dealing with her mother's death, and she had been dealing with it too. She had no idea how to deal with this.
She decided to do what she'd done in countless battles before. Because that was what this was now. It just wasn't her battle, it was James's. She followed her instincts.
She walked forward and crouched behind James, hiking her dress up a bit so she wouldn't step on it. She grabbed the medallion with her left hand so he would understand her. Then she placed the right hand on his back, feeling the great ragged breaths and trembling sobs run through him. Tears welled in her eyes too.
"James." She said. He jumped, surprised that she'd spoken to him. But he didn't stop. "James. I'm sorry. I didn't realize that they hadn't cleaned it yet. I..... I shouldn't have brought it."
His hands moved and he grabbed the vest again, his knuckles white as he clenched it as hard as he could. He pressed it against himself again.
"HEEEE!" He said in an agonizingly ragged voice. He snorted his nose clear. "HE DIED RIGHT THERE!" He forced out a ragged breath, blowing snot and spittle onto the vest. "RIGHT THERE NEXT TO ME!" James's hands flexed and the vest shifted. "IT WAS ON MY HANDS!" He flattened the vest out, letting it go as his arms stretched forward, palms up and fingers splayed. "IT WAS ON MY HANDS! I FELT IT!" He shook with more sobs. "THAT DIDN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN!" Another deep ragged breath. He tried to say more. But, medallion or not, it was incomprehensible.
Amina quickly tucked the medallion into her left pocket, feeling the tears slowly rolling down her cheek. Before she knew what she was doing she had grabbed his arms from behind and pulled them in front of him, curling him back into a ball. She held him like this as he continued to cry.
"I'm so sorry James." She said into his back. It did nothing to quiet his cries. "You're right. It didn't have to happen and I'm so sorry." There was nothing else she could say or do for this poor, broken man in front of her. So they just stayed that way, her holding him together as he fell apart. By the time he was done, the sun had begun to set.
After James had cried himself to sleep Amina turned him over and lifted him, like she'd done for so many wounded before, and carried him to his bed. For his size she couldn't help but notice that he was startlingly heavy. She placed him there, as gently as she could, and rolled the side of his blanket over him. She went back out into the hall and requested that a passing servant bring some light food and some wine and water.
When James awoke it was already night time. He felt sore, and he was thirsty. He vaguely remembered what had happened. But it was hazy, like something out of a bad dream. He sat up in the bed, about to get up and grab something to drink when he noticed the light coming from Kela's room.
When he opened the door the princess was sitting in the chair near the table again, as if she'd never left the spot. He knew better though. He looked at her, then he looked at the cart. It was back the way it had been before he'd grabbed the vest. She didn't say anything as he went back up to it.
He lifted the vest up again and for just a moment she thought that he might break down again. But instead he just ran his fingers over the patch with the Sergeant's name on it.
"Did you do this?" He asked. "Did you clean it up while I was out?"
"Yes." She had spent nearly an hour with a wet cloth and some of Kela's soap trying to get the blood out. It was still damp, and there was still a faint red tinge. She knew full well that it would never be completely clear.
He just stood there for a minute. Then he hugged the vest one last time. He placed it back down, and then picked up the helmet. He pulled the elastic band off of it that said ODIKOWE and AB+. Then he wrapped it around his right wrist, doubling it over twice so it would fit. Then he placed the helmet back down as well.
When he spoke again he said it softly, hands braced on the sides of the cart. "Thank you."
She replied just as softly. "It's no issue. I'm sorry, that I didn't notice that before I brought it all here."
"It's okay."
"Are you alright? I had them bring some food and drinks if you need anything."
He looked back, glancing at the food for a moment, and at her. It was just a moment, and then he went back to looking at the cart, but her cheeks flushed and she looked away. She busied herself with pouring him a glass of water.
"Sorry you had to see me like that." He said. As he did he busied himself with checking the pistol to see what condition it was in. He noticed the two missing rounds, but he didn't say anything. What point was there in doing so?
She sat, silent, and watched him check the gear on the cart. After a few minutes she spoke.
"I wasn't just angry because you took Kela from me, you know?" She asked as he continued. He paused for a moment. "I mean, I was mad about that." She continued. "But also; we summoned a hero. And the gods gave us a giant chunk of metal that we couldn't understand." She gulped, not sure of how to say the next part. "A man who was gravely ill." James paused again. "And the only remaining person that came through was this small little man who'd tried to- no... did, kill my friend and take her from me." She gripped her dress tightly in her hands. "And the fact that that little man could even do that? It scared me. In fact, me admitting that it worried me is part of the reason that my father is so worried."
James just listened, not moving. She was about to begin talking again when he spoke, startling her somewhat.
"You're both right to be scared." He said, head hanging low.
"What?" She asked, surprised.
"I said you should be scared." He repeated. He turned around, and slid down the side of the cart until he was sitting on the floor, legs splayed and hands at his side. "You should be scared of my government."
"Why?" She asked, as curious as she was concerned.
"Because. They've been nice so far. They've spoken to the king and acted all nice and friendly and diplomatic." He began shaking his head. "But that's not who they are. That's NEVER been who they are."
"What do you mean?"
"How many wars has this world seen?" He asked.
"What? What do you mean?" She asked, confused.
"If you had to guess. Based on your recorded history. How many wars would you say this world has seen." He saw her start to think then he added. "And before you start counting. I'm not talking about little scuffles over two kings having a slapping contest, or little bitty rebellions that last a week or two. I'm talking full blown, knock down, drag out, redraw the world maps, type wars."
She thought about it for a minute. Admittedly there were quite a few that that last statement discounted. But that still left a lot of wars remaining. After a minute she had a guess. "A few dozen I suppose. The threat of world level magic keeps most wars short and easy. Plus the control of certain monsters cau-"
"None of that matters. A few dozen..... Over the course of how many years?"
"I... I don't know. Three thousand years? Records get a little convoluted after that." She admitted.
"Three thousand years? A few dozen wars in three thousand?" His eyes widened at that. "Fuck.... y'all are lightweights."
"What? That's a lot of death for three thousand years James. Don't mock it."
"Hold up." He said shaking his head a bit at the numbers. "In your absolute worst, bloodiest, most devastating war. How many people died?"
"That was the war of the bells. It lasted nearly a decade and cost the kingdom, or rather that kingdom at that time, nearly three hundred thousand people." She said, her arms crossed angrily at his mockery.
"Heh, that's adorable." He said. She huffed at him. "What? It is." When he saw her look of doubt he continued. "My country." He pointed at his chest emphatically. "MY country. Has only been around for two hundred seventy, or two hundred eighty years or so." He took a deep breath. "We've had fifteen wars."
She gasped. How could a single country be so blood thirsty? And then he continued.
"Our bloodiest." He was looking up at the ceiling, he shook his head. "Our bloodiest was the water war. I was..... five.... six." He looked down, and seemed sad. As if remembering something painful. "That was the one that took my father from me. Between the drafted troops, and the attacks on coastal cities...... we lost twelve million people. My dad was one of them."
"Million?" She staggered at the thought. "Million? Twelve million people? James, how?"
"We weren't even the worst hit." He said somberly. "China threw bodies at other countries until the end of it. They lost over two hundred million."
Her mind reeled. That a country could even have that many people was impressive, but that they had so many more that they could throw that amount of people at their enemies. What kind of world was this?
James was still talking. "Hell, our country had a war that cost us over six hundred thousand people. And it was a war with ourselves." He said, laughing lightly.
"What?" She asked, not believing what she'd just heard. "Did you just say that your country lost six hundred thousand people? Against itself?"
"Yeah." He said nonchalantly. It was like he was talking about some old, fond, memory. "Civil war. Four years, and over six hundred thousand dead. We kicked our own asses." He laughed again.
"What?" She tried to ask a question, but nothing came to mind to ask. How could you even explain something like that? How could you even quantify so many people dying in four years.
"Least that war was for something that made sense." He said, somber once more. "The war I was training for ended years before I was even born. Hell the water war ended when I was nine." He shook his head in disgust. "Twelve million people....... My father being one of em. Just... gone. Over fucking drinkable water."
"Water? That was what so many died for?" She asked. She hadn't even noticed that she'd stood up and was up against the wall.
He looked up at her. "I know. Fuckin stupid right? But that's what I'm talking about. It's not just my government Amina. It's all the governments of my world." He hung his head again. "They'll kill you over a goddam glass of water if they think it's necessary." He paused. "If they think they can justify it."
She didn't know what to think of any of this. She had to tell her father. He needed to know who he was dealing with on the other side of the door. She was about to begin walking to the door when James stood up and dusted himself off. She could see that his eyes were wet again when he wiped them off.
"Sorry. Just, thinking of my dad kinda does that for me." He said. "Hey. Um.." He pointed at the cart. "Thank you.... for that." He looked down at the ground. "And.... for earlier. I think I needed that."
In all the talk of violence and bloodshed on a different world she'd nearly forgotten about his breakdown earlier. It took a moment for her to remember that despite all that she'd seen of him, and all he'd just told of her. This man standing in front of her. Was still just that. A man, as vulnerable to weariness and heartache as anyone else. She had the sudden dawning realization that, as mad and confused as she'd been when he'd first gotten here. He had been through so much more than she could even imagine.
So she acted on her instincts once more, and hugged him. It took a moment before he realized what was happening. But then he hugged her back. After several seconds they parted, and she rushed out of the room. As much as she wanted to comfort him, she had to tell her father of what she'd just learned.
After she left, James offloaded the gear on the cart into his room. He went out to Kela's armor room and grabbed one of the spare stands that stood empty in the corner. He brought it into his room and hung Sgt. Odikowe's vest and helmet from it. He draped the Sergeant's dog tags over the front. Then he drank some of the water, and ate some of the fruit that Amina had left behind.
Then he slept. It wasn't an easy, or peaceful sleep. But somehow, it refreshed him, and he felt better when he woke up.
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