One wing shorter than the other?

Wing Tactical’s Guide to AR-15 Pistols ... So even if your gun has a barrel shorter than 16” and is shorter than 26” overall, if you put a stock on it, you have a short-barrel rifle. Hey, you can’t expect rules created in different eras and by different government agencies to fit together, can you? Fixed-Wing. Fixed-wing drones (as opposed to ‘rotary wing’, i.e. helicopters) use a wing like a normal aeroplane to provide the lift rather than vertical lift rotors. Because of this they only need to use energy to move forward, not hold themselves up in the air, so are much more efficient. The gull wing is an aircraft wing configuration, known also as Pulaski wings, with a prominent bend in the wing inner section towards the wing root.Its name is derived from the seabirds which it resembles. Numerous aircraft have incorporated such wings for a diverse range of purposes. The gull wing was commonly used to improve visibility in a high wing arrangement, because such wing could be ... Wearing Outerwear as a Shorter Guy. First off, remember this: style is subjective. Other than not being naked, we all get dressed for different reasons. ️ Some of us want to “dress taller” so we can feel confident when we finally ask our crush out on a date. ️ Some of us want to look professional so our boss starts taking us seriously. Wing, an Alphabet company, has built a small, lightweight aircraft and navigation system that can deliver small packages--including food, medicine and household items--directly to homes in minutes. Created in 2012, Wing has conducted more than 100,000+ flights across three continents. In aeronautics, the chord is an imaginary straight line joining the leading edge and trailing edge of an aerofoil.The chord length is the distance between the trailing edge and the point where the chord intersects the leading edge. The point on the leading edge used to define the chord may be the surface point of minimum radius. For a turbine aerofoil the chord may be defined by the line ... The low wing configuration results in longer landing air distances, where air distance is the horizontal distance traveled between 50 feet above touch down to the touchdown point. Overall Aerodynamics. Based on the thought experiment above, it seems that low wing aircraft generally hold more advantages aerodynamically than high wing aircraft. Army Warrant Officer who is a pilot in a UH-60M. Image: Age: To enter into the Army you must be at least 18 years old. Future pilots have to enlist prior to passing their 33rd birthday. Height: Future pilots cannot be shorter than 64 inches and cannot be taller than 76 inches. Weight: Weight requirements are the same as general Army requirements where individuals must meet Body Fat ... Without question, shorter boards offer superior maneuverability, feel and control once on the fly but getting them there is not so easy. Until now that is, as boards get shorter it becomes important to maximise stability and hull speed when still attached to the water. ... Wing Surf Weights: 4’0"(6.5lbs - 2.95kg)/ 4’5”(7.5lbs - 3.4kg)/4 ... STRANDMON Wing chair, Vibberbo black/beige. One of our old icons is now wearing a classy outfit. The cover with a classic houndstooth pattern enhance your personal sense of style at home.

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2021.12.06 19:53 fadedsmile87 Waiting (not so) patiently for political commentators with millions of followers like Ben Shapiro to talk about Nunes leaving office to become CEO of TMTG, and create massive exposure to TMTG 💰💰

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2021.12.06 19:53 cubekiller8a In need of pilots, lore knowers, tour guides and bartenders!

The commercial sector of Warf-Ish Industries is searching for pilot, tour guides, lore knowers, bartenders and everyone else who likes touring, passenger transport and space cruises.
If you are interested in this particular business, please join this discord and contact JustBuildandPlay (BuildandPlay#6281) in there. Fly safe citizens, and see ya in the 'verse!
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2021.12.06 19:53 JoeEdd2332 How long should i leave on my lights to promote coral growth and stunt algae growth?

Having a bit of trouble killing off that green algae that clings to my rock, glass, and even stony corals. I just recently downloaded the David Saxby schedule onto my AI prime and modified it to be 6 hours. Is there anything more i can do that water changes and less feeding to help kill off some algae? Also, im thinking about buying snails to eat some algae off the glass/rocks, what species are reccomended? I currently have a mexican turbo and some pest snails
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2021.12.06 19:53 ME_REDDITOR Is now the time to buy into Numi???

Could it drop lower than .52/53 ?
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2021.12.06 19:53 Chaoticmass After 10 times trying, I finally slayed the Dragon in One Deck Dungeon!

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2021.12.06 19:53 A_Random_Guy641 How to Wage Total War Against the Grimm Part 1: Logistics and Grand Strategy

This has been a topic that I have engaged with in some form or another for a couple of years by now. I am personally of the opinion that Huntsmen aren't well suited to dealing with the Grimm but that is another discussion that has probably been beaten to death at this point. The question being posed here is how does one combat the Grimm with the end goal of their eradication or at least containment and severe mitigation of their influence?
To start several assumptions must be made:

  1. The Grimm do not appear out of thin air. Whether this means that they have to come from Salem's castle or from liquid Grimm like the Grimm River in Volume 8 is largely irrelevant for this post. What's important is that even if the amount of Grimm is limitless they do have supply lines of their own. If Grimm are a result of negative emotions ala Warhammer 40k demons that would again change the nature of combating them (literally just get everyone really high and see if that kills them off).
  2. The population of Remnant is low and save for a few cities of up to several million at the absolute upper limit, the countryside is largely devoid of people with the exception of small towns.
  3. Infrastructure connecting towns and cities is largely rudimentary with dirt roads being the best many can hope for. Things like the Mantle to Argus railway are the exception but demonstrate why airships are used so often.
  4. Sea travel is very dangerous. Very large Grimm live in the deep oceans and so commerce and transportation out of litoral waters is a risky endeavor.
  5. Manufacturing capabilities are low compared to our world. Based on the show heavy industry is only really present in Vale and Atlas and some of their subsidiary cities/colonies. Vacuo, Mistral, and the entirety of Menagerie seem to be relatively useless in regards to large-scale, modern production as while Vacuo seems to have been previously industrialized, that has decayed due to lack of use.
  6. This scenario assumes relative political unity in trying to destroy the Grimm I might talk a bit about combating people with aura but they are largely a second thought. How this comes about is irrelevant. Maybe Salem was revealed, who knows? Personally, that seems like the easiest way to get people to cooperate. By putting a face to a timeless enemy rallying people becomes child's play. They now have an enemy, not a force of nature to combat.
  7. Grimm populations are relatively dispersed but can be concentrated by Salem.
  8. Grimm are attracted to negative emotions. Whether this means doping up soldiers that are supposed to do reconnaissance or whether it means working up the defenders of a strongpoint into a bloodthirsty rage this has many tactical implications which will not be covered in this post.
The adage goes "Professionals Study Logistics" and when conducting a planetary war of extermination that is especially true. Several questions must be asked. What is going to be produced? Where is it going to be produced? Who is going to produce it? And how is it going to be transported?
Working in reverse order transportation is probably going to be the single greatest issue when dealing with the Grimm. As such instead of Shock and Awe tactics like Gulf War No. 1, a steady approach must be taken more analogous to WWI on the Eastern Front.
Railways are the lifeline of forces and can be used to supply strongpoints and FOBs. Protection of railcars is fairly easy simply utilizing armored trains with turrets and maybe even light railway guns (7-12 inches) on rotating mounts for artillery and possibly direct-fire support. Spare tracks and building material will also be carried in the event of damaged sections of the track. Given the lack of fossil fuels and the strategic importance of dust, these will probably be run on charcoal and/or wood. This necessitates regular coaling stations and water towers to resupply trains.
As for trucks that aren't expected to see combat, again dust is a valuable commodity so running them on something like woodgas would be good. If biofuels are a thing on Remnant then they would also make the matter of transportation much easier, improving range and performance through things like wood gas engines could be resupplied in the field with an axe, a saw, and a little work.
Airships would be very useful in transporting heavy material to bottlenecks in encircling operations. That being said the Atlesian Warships should all be scrapped as cheaper platforms can do their job better. There is a reason why no nation on Earth fields any flying vessel even close to that size. It's easier to split up the jobs they do onto more numerous, smaller, vessels with greater flexibility and force projection.
Across water things like Convoys can be used but these will be discussed in a different post.
Production is the next issue and tangential to this is energy. Sources of energy like hydroelectricity are essentially necessary if large dust reserves aren't around like in the case of Atlas. Minstral does seem to be able to industrialize but Vacuo seems largely worthless due to its harsh environment. While it does have old heavy industry that is likely mostly out of use (probably non-functional) and outdated. As a result, it is probably best used as a source of dust and cannon fodder. This is also the area in which Atlesian robotics work best. Things like extracting dust, refining it, and producing things are all simple tasks that robots are well suited to.
When producing materiel thought needs to be given to simplicity at times and how it fits within military doctrine. Common chassis should be used when possible and when not, common parts like road wheels, tracks, engine cylinders, etc, should be valued. Additionally, low manpower must be considered. Robots should take up certain jobs to improve the per-man combat effectiveness of a unit. They act as ammo-bearers to artillery, heavy weapons platforms (stick a .50 browning on a robot dog and you've got some serious squad-level fire support), stretcher-bearers, and a million other jobs that a strong, dumb, robot can do better than a human.
The Atlas military was right to invest in robots, they just didn't create a doctrine that really suited them with the one exception of using them as the first wave of troops in an assault as seen in the breach. It doesn't matter if a robot dies so send them in the first wave to absorb casualties.
These elements come together when discussing the overarching battle plan to exterminate the Grimm.
Advances should consist of two phases. First is the Assualt phase where units are sent to capture key choke-points and establish an external perimeter using fire-bases, forts, and FOBs. Their job is not to destroy the Grimm but to keep them contained in an area. This is followed by the sweep phase where units steadily advance systematically, creating a robust logistics trail (by building out rail lines, bridges, and roads) and destroying the Grimm in the operations area. This is a slow process and better suited to some areas of operation more than others. Overall the war against the Grimm shouldn't be a blitz, it should take 20-50 years depending on starting populations and industrial capacity, maybe more.
Islands and peninsulas serve as some of the easiest starting points given the natural barriers that prevent Grimm from easily accessing them. Rivers and Mountain passes should serve as objectives in sweeps, allowing easy defense against potential incursions.
Major elements like Goliaths should be specifically targeted by airstrikes no matter where they are. One of the most infuriating things in the show is where they just let these massive potential threats just roam around because they aren't attacking Vale at the moment. It reaks of short-sightedness, something that seems all too common with the "well we'll just hope nothing goes wrong so that the Grimm don't attack" mentality that pervades the huntsmen system. Those bastards should eat a few 2000lb laser-guided bombs so that when shit does go down (because it inevitably will) they aren't an issue. No plan survives contact with the enemy but not planning at all is planning to fail and failure here means total annihilation.
Airborne patrols, strike missions, and combined-arms search and destroy missions should be the norm even in "peacetime" to eliminate potential threats before they are of any consequence.
When creating lines of defense, ather than static walls, though they do have their uses on smaller scale fortifications, lines of defense should be seen as a strip of land a few kilometers wide that divides the relatively safe "civilian zone" from the as of yet uncontrolled area. These positions are what the elements of the "assault phase" created when an area was taken and are simply focused more on keeping Grimm out rather than doing that as well as keeping them in.
Defense in depth should be utilized with firebases allowing for artillery support against Grimm concentrations that begin penetration into the area. Garrisons and quick reaction forces should also be used to plug break-throughs. Parallels between this and Cold-War doctrine around the Fulda Gap can be used where NATO developed a number of technologies like the A-10 Warthog, attack helicopters, and various anti-tank cluster munitions with the intention to halt Soviet armored breakthroughs and give enough time for ground forces to respond.
The goal shouldn't be to immediately stop the Grimm cold. It should be to respond to their advance and destroy them decisively at your choosing instead of having to worry about rules of engagement within a populated area. That is why the buffer is necessary. It must be acceptable to give land to benefit the engagement.
In all of this Huntsmen may have a role in the periphery, as scouts, members of quick reaction forces, on strike missions, etc, but they are not suited to a stand-up brawl as is necessitated when trying to completely exterminate an enemy from an area.
Ozpin lost the minute he made the kingdoms shift away from expansionism. He surrendered the initiative to Salem and so far it has cost him a few cities, the trained huntsmen of two more, and numerous other valuable resources. Salem may be immortal but one person can't win a globe-spanning war.
Up next is the use of emotion in Grimm Warfare.
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2021.12.06 19:53 Legioncommander_ Valve can you ban that smurf?
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2021.12.06 19:53 QueenLazerTits If you could spend the end of the world with someone, real or fictional, who would it be?

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2021.12.06 19:53 Mars_chego CODI Announces Upcoming CEX Listing
Premier DeFi ecosystem, CODI Finance is announcing their listing on the P2PB2B exchange.
CODI Finance is thrilled to announce the listing of its native token $CODI being available to trade on the Centralized Exchange P2PB2B.IO on the 15th of December 2021.
CODI has a strong investor-based community that will bring great synergy in the marketing and networking that is required for success in this market.
CODI plans to launch a decentralized lending and borrowing protocol, which will allow users to obtain loans in a decentralized and transparent manner. The lending and borrowing sector accounts for more than 60% of the DeFi industry’s total market cap and is a better model than the traditional loan system.
The level of success achieved during the IDO phase shows why CODI’s will become the “ultimate DeFi ecosystem” by using Solana’s high-speed, low-latency, and low transaction fees. Similarly, CODI hopes to improve the DeFi industry’s DEX and lending sector by creating a platform with an appealing and user-friendly interface, as well as a diverse set of features.
Details of Listing
Ticker: CODI
Token Type: SPL
Token price: $0.055
Max supply: 330 000 000
About IEO
The 1st round of IEO has just ended!
In the 1st round, there were 30 000 000 CODI while the 2nd Round of IEO will have 21 000 000 CODI which will be on from 1st – 9th December 2021, with the price at $0.05 per $CODI token.
For more information on this project, please visit, or you can join the community by following their social media channels:
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2021.12.06 19:53 hurcor What are some other tools to assist in producing or coming up with where a song needs to go next like the circle of fifths?

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2021.12.06 19:53 Asteresck Custom Modpack - All vanilla crafting recipes are missing.

Hey folks. I've been playing around with a custom modpack for use by me and a couple friends on the Technic Launcher for a while. I've ran into a few strange compatibility issues but got them all figured out fairly quickly. However, I recently ran into a serious issue where absolutely no vanilla items have crafting recipes-- everything from iron shovels to pressure plates.
Now, I run Pyrotech, so there are some things that should be uncraftable, like wooden planks and some other things, but Pyrotech always provides an alternative recipe in that case. In this case, there's just flat-out no options, and I'm at a total loss as to why this is happening.
The weirdest part is that when I use the exact same version of the pack on a separate installation of minecraft (not under the Technic launcher), it works perfectly fine.
Any ideas as to what's up?
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